SofTMech at European Researchers Night


SofTMech researchers presenting at the European Researchers night.

   SofTMech researchers presenting at the European Researchers Night: Jay Mackenzie and Peter Mortensen (left) and Dr Nan Qi and Ahmedn Ismaeel (right).


Researchers from the EPSRC SofTMech centre presented at the ‘European Researchers Night' Glasgow at the Riverside Museum on Friday evening 29th September  2017. This is the second of these events to involve the    SofTMech team.

The presentation was coordinated by Dr. Hao Gao and Prof. Xiaoyu Luo and the team included researchers Jay Mackenzie, Liuyang Feng, Peter Mortensen, Danyang Wang, Ahmed Ismaeel, Xin Zhuan, Muhamad Hifzhudin Bin Noor Aziz, Debao Guan and Dr. Nan Qi.

The team presented a research station on a theme ‘Soft Tissue, Matters you, Matters Us’ to demonstrate the concepts of soft tissue mechanics, including what they are, how to tackle them using mathematics, discussing cell migration and cell structure using a tensegrity model, blood flow through different sizes of vessels and scar tissue formulation after heart attack with rubber band experiments. The event was well received and welcomed by the public, and the school kids particularly enjoyed the tube experiments and stretching the rubber bands.  It has been a wonderful experience for all participants, and also challenging to share mathematical concepts to the public with different backgrounds.



First published: 26 October 2017

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