European Researcher Night: Outreach Event

On September 30th, SofTMech participated in the European Researcher Night outreach event at the Glasgow Science Centre. With attendance from over ten thousand visitors, it was an excellent opportunity to present SofTMech to the public face-to-face. Using material provided by the whole Centre, SofTMech members Nan Qi, Hao Gao, Andrey Melnik, Danyang Wang, Liuyang Feng, and Xiaoyu Luo presented an animated exhibition of mathematical models of heart and cancer, and "touch-it-yourself" soft tissue samples, including a swine heart. 

This was designed to be engaging and encourage interaction and exploration from visitors and he positive feedback was overwhelming; many visitors left messages saying how much they enjoyed the display and suggested that we do more similar events in future. The most rewarding outcome was the reaction from kids at the display - we couldn't be happier to hear them proudly announce that they would study heart or cancer when they grow up, since "this was so much fun!”.

First published: 31 October 2016

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