SofTMech/CMALS Modelling Week

CMALS Attendee Photo

SofTMech and CMALS jointly ran a Modelling Week training event for PhD students and post-doc RAs between 12 - 16 September, 2016. Over 30 UK and EU PhD students and post-doc RAs attended the training and problem solving workshop. Three topic-based groups worked extensively on research themes such as Heart, Drug Discovery, and Medical Devices. Sean McGinty, Dirk Husmeier, Xiaoyu Luo, and Hao Gao were among the academics and industrial partners who ran the training week. Umberto Noe, Xin Zhuan, and Benn McDonald from the SofTMech Centre acted as the group tutors on the Heart project. The workshop received very positive feedback from the attendees.

First published: 27 September 2016

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