M&S Statistics Seminar 29th Jan 3-4pm

Agnieszka Borowska (University of Glasgow)

 3-4pm 29th Jan at the Statistics Seminar

"Gaussian process enhanced semi-automatic approximate bayesian computation: parameter inference in a stochastic differential equation system for chemotaxis"

Chemotaxis is a type of cell movement in response to a chemical stimulus which plays a key role in multiple biophysical processes, such as embryogenesis and wound healing, and which is crucial for understanding metastasis in cancer research. In the literature, chemotaxis has been modelled using biophysical models based on systems of nonlinear stochastic partial differential equations (NSPDEs), which are known to be challenging for statistical inference due to the intractability of the associated likelihood and the high computational costs of their numerical integration. Therefore, data analysis in this context has been limited to comparing predictions from NSPDE models to ...

First published: 28 January 2021