CANCELLED:Biomechanics and Biophysics of Living Matter, 2 April 2020.

Biomechanics and Biophysics of Living Matter, 2 April 2020.
Venue: USB Event space, Urban Science Building, Newcastle University.

In this workshop, it will mainly cover the biophysics/biomechanics of biofilms, bacteria, cells , soft tissues and cell-materials  interactions.    This workshop is sponsored by EPSRC,  Newcastle University and SoftMech (University of Glasgow).


We welcome biologists, physicists, engineers, computing scientists and mathematician to attend. In this workshop, we would like the delegates actively participate the discussions that provide interesting physical insights  including but not limited to the following areas.


- Nanobiomechanics of cells

- Mechanobiology of cell-cell and cell-ECM interactions

- Mechanobiology at the cellular and tissue scale, using  experimental and modelling approaches.

- Mechanics of bacteria, biofilms and biopolymer meshes

-Antimicrobial surfaces 


Jinju (Vicky) Chen (Organiser, Newcastle University)

Biophysics and Biomechanics of living cells and biofilms

CT Lim (National University of Singapore)

Cell Mechanics Approach to Disease Detection and Diagnosis

Matt Dalby (University of Glasgow)

Nanoscale control of mesenchymal stem cells

Huabing Yin (University of Glasgow)

Link cell mechanical properties with cancer invasion

Paul Stoodley (The Ohio State. University)

Biofilm mechanics affords extremely versatility in response to shear stress

Jennifer Longyear (AkzNoble)

Biofilm fouling penalties in marine shipping – an industrial context for biofilm physical and mechanical properties research

Secchi Eleonora (ETH, Zurich)

Bacteria in flow around a pillar: symmetry  breaking and streamers formation

Tom Waigh (University of Manchester)

Bugs, Peptides and Bugs with Peptides

David Head (University of Leeds)

Effects of hydrodynamics on the viscoelasticity of biopolymer meshes and other fibre networks



First published: 12 March 2020