SofTMech in new INI proposal

SofTMech and its sister EPSRC Centres for Mathematics in Healthcare have submitted a joint proposal for a four-month Isaac Newton Institute programme and workshops at the University of Cambridge in Summer/Autumn 2019, on ‘Mathematics for Healthcare: Interfaces, Methods, Problems and Solutions’. The main themes are:

  • Cross-methodology challenges for specific disease groups (e.g.clinical populations (e.g. approaches to neurological disorders that combine imaging data, network-based modelling and machine learning methods)
  • Cross-disease challenges for specific methodologies (e.g. reaction networks, imaging and inverse problems, dynamic diseases, fluid rheology).
  • Systemic and single organ modelling of healthy and pathological processes (e.g. transient dynamical modelling of hormonal disorders and obesity or ageing).
  • Multi-modal, multi-time point and multi-patient analysis: how to design `processing-aware’ (e.g. image registration, smoothing, segmentation) statistical analysis of healthcare data for a patient population.
  • Machine learning customised for medical imaging: development of regularised machine learning methods that do perform with only limited amounts of training data.

First published: 7 March 2017

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