Multiscale solid tumour modelling

The focus of this work package will be the multiscale modelling of vascular solid tumour growth, with applications to cancer invasion and metastatic spread.  At  the  centre  of  the  modelling  will  be  a  novel  development  of  the  hybrid continuum-discrete  dynamic,  adaptive  flow  model  of  tumour-induced  angiogenesis.

Project 1: The PDE governing endothelial cell migration will be extended to account for interactions with extracellular matrix fibres, which are known to induce a bias to the random motility.

Project 2:  We  will  incorporate  blood  flow  into  the  developing  capillary  network  initially  using  a nonlinear Poiseuille law and later IB/FE (WP5), and the vessels are modelled in such a way as to  adapt their radii in response to various stimuli  and stresses experienced during blood flow.

Project 3:  We will combine the new angiogenesis model with the three-dimensional model of solid tumour growth from WP2 to produce a vascular solid tumour model.

Project 4: We will extend our new angiogenesis modelling by examining re-vascularisation post myocardial infarction in myocardium in conjunction with WP5.


Team: Dr. McDougall, Prof. Chaplain, Prof. Ogden, Prof. Luo, Prof. Husmeier, Dr. Yin, Prof. Olson,  Dr. Gao, PDRA6, PhD8