Past Events


SofTMech: Launch Event

Thursday 21st of April 2016

Location: Hilton Hotel, Glasgow West End


This April, we launch SofTMech, a new research Centre funded by EPSRC under its research call, ”EPSRC Centres for Mathematical Sciences in Healthcare”.

SofTMech: Dialogue on Heart Failure

Friday 22nd of April 2016

Location: Room TBC, University of Glasgow


This dialogue aims to identify some crucial challenges in the area of heart failure and diseases for
the next 20 years as seen by clinicians today, which may be tractable to a mathematical modelling
approach. Starting with some review-type talks by the lead speakers, we wish to have a lively
dialogue between clinicians and modellers, and agree on a list of important problems; some may
be addressed in the short term, and some will require longer term, large scale, funding. These
problems will be published at the POEMS/SofTMech websites to help the community to develop
new research proposals and forge new collaborations. All participants will be expected to
contribute to the discussion, and are welcome to bring a one-page brief (mini-poster) to introduce
their own expertise. It is also expected that all participants will submit a short description on
what they perceive as a particular challenge/problem from this workshop.

Confirmed lead speakers

  • Prof. Michael Burch (Great Ormond Street Hospital, UK)
  • Prof. Darrel Francis (Imperial College, UK)
  • Prof. Colin Berry (University of Glasgow, UK)
  • Mr. Mark Danton (Golden Jubilee Hospital, UK)
  • Prof. Fritz Prinzen (Maastricht University, Netherlands)
  • Prof. Gernot Plank (Medical University of Graz, Austria)
  • Dr. Steve Niederer (Kings College London, UK)
  • Prof. Einar Heiberg (Lund University, Sweden)

Registration is now open for interested modellers & clinicians to join the dialogue.
Lunch/tea/coffee will be provided for free of charge. There is no registration fee, and we will
provide a contribution to travel costs of up to £100 for a limited number of attendees (on the first
come first serve basis). The attendees are expected to sort out their own accommodation, and a
range of hotels near the University can be found at the following link: 

To register and apply for travel support, please e-mail Joanne Suter (

IDEAS events are funded by POEMS and SofTMech

Academic contact: Prof. Xiaoyu Luo (

subtitle: IDEAS:The initiative for dialogue between clinicians and modellers

Summer School in Biomechanics, Graz University, Austria: 3rd to 7th September, 2018

Professor Ray Ogden is involved in organizing and lecturing on week-long intensive summer schools in biomechanics at Graz University of Technology in Austria every two years, with different lecturers covering different, but interconnected, topics.  The next one will be run from the 3rd to the 7th  September, 2018.  For further details see the Summer School website.

Training Day for PhD Students and RAs: 12th December

SofTMech Training Day 

SofTMech held a training day on the 12th December 2017.  The day commenced with a series of five talks presenting the essential methodological concepts relevant to SoftMech.

The speakers and talk titles were:

Robert Insall: Cell migration in response to self-generated cues: hypotheses, mathematical modelling, and experimental verification.

Ray Ogden: Structure-based finite strain modelling of soft tissues.

Dirk Husmeier: Statistical inference in complex models of coordinated cell movement and soft-tissue mechanics.

Huabing Yin: Cell mechanics and cellular microenvironments: devices for diagnostics, analysis, and engineering.

Godfrey Smith: Optical techniques for measuring electrical activities in the heart.

Students attended from both Glasgow and Sheffield and integration, through working in small groups comprising of students from both areas, was a major success of the workshop.  This also encouraged discussion on potential future collaborations.

A  computing session on version control and Github was given by Timothy Storey.

The day ended with a  poster session providing more opportunity for discussion.  

SofTMech SofTMech Christmas Event

SofTMech invites all its members to attend a Christmas night on Tuesday, 12th December held at the Hilton Grosvenor.

The event will follow the Training day for PhD and RAs held earlier that day in the Maths and Stats Building, with the Poster Prize giving being held at this evening event.  (The event is for all of the SofTMech group not just those who have attended the training day).

The night will commence with a short meeting, the theme of which is  the SofTMech mid-term review prep followed by Dinner and a Ceilidh. 


Materials from the SofTMech Launch Event

2016-04-21 Launch Event Agenda

2016-04-21 Launch Event Welcome Address Bowman

2016-04-21 Launch Event EPSRC Presentation Craig

2016-04-21 Launch Event Science Vision Ogden

2016-04-21 Launch Event Insigneo Viceconti

2016-04-21 Launch Event Engagement Luo



We would be grateful for any feedback on our launch event, in particular:

1) Did the launch event help increase your understanding of soft tissue modelling ?
2) Do you have any other suggestions/comments ?

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