SofTMech members to organse three minisymposia at CMBE2017

Published: 27 September 2016

SofTMech members are involved in organsing three minisymposia for the Computational and Mathematical Biomedical Engineering (CMBE2017) in Pittsburgh

The three minisymposia are:

  • 'INTEGRATIVE MODELLING OF SOFT-TISSUE MECHANOBIOLOGY' (Paul Watton, Ray Ogden, Anne Robertson, Namrata Gundiah, and Mark Thompson).
  • 'BIOMECHANICS, MECHANOBIOLOGY AND TRANSLATION IN THE HEART' (David Nordsletten, Dominique Chapelle, Jack Lee, Xiaoyu Luo, Ellen Kuhl, Alfio Quarteroni, and Mariano Vazquez)
  • 'BIOLOGICAL VALVE FUNCTION AND DYNAMICS' (Raoul van Loon, Xiaoyu Luo, and Michael Sacks)

The website of CMBE2017 is

First published: 27 September 2016

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