On Friday 8th January 2021 an on-line training day organised by Profesor Dirk Hussmeier and Peter Stewart was held. 51 people registered, a mixture of CIs, RAs and PhD students from University of Glasgow, University of Plymouth, Terumo Aortic, POLIMI, MIT, EPFL and North Carolina State University.

The full programme can be viewed by the top link to the right There were sessions on Mathematical Modelling Principals, Dark data, Parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification. 

The mathematical modelling session included six talks on basic modelling principles, mass balance, conservation laws, parameterization, visualization and validation. The "Dark Data" session included a summary of David Hand's recent book with the same title. The final session included five talks on sensitivity analysis, Bayesian optimization, uncertainty quantification, Approximate Bayesian computation, and pattern recognition in magnetic resonance images with hierarchical Bayesian models. In between, we held a "speed dating" session using Zoom's breakout room feature, where participants were divided into groups of 4 or 5 to get to know each other and identify common research interests.


First published: 23 November 2020