Overview of Project

EPSRC Established Career Fellowship: Whole-Heart-FSI: A Whole-Heart Model of  Multiscale Soft Tissue Mechanics and Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)for Clinical Applications: EP/S020950/9

Heart disease accounts for more than a quarter of all deaths; includes myocardial infarction (MI/heart attack) and Mitral regurgitation (MR). There is a huge gap between clinical demands and Healthcare Technologies. There is a need to develop a mathematics base to support Healthcare Technologies.
Led by PI Prof. Xiaoyu with Co-I Prof. Dirk Husmeier & RAs Liuyang Feng & Arash Rabbani (a PhD studentship is currently being advertised) the Team's vision is to develop cutting edge modelling + emulation with no compromise between model sophistication. Current models are too simple for clinical needs, yet too expensive for real time clinical support.


  • Develop New mathematical and computational models
  • Build a multiscale whole Heart Model for Cardiac Diseases
  • Infer Patient-specific parameters from clinical Images 
  • Translate to clinical Applications

Expected outcomes & Impact:

  • A leap forward in cardiac research.
  • Biomarkers for MI and MR progression.
  • Top quality research papers (inc. clinical journals).
  • Maths framework for more general applications.
  • Tools for real-time clinical assessment & trials.
  • Impact & outreach through two international workshops, various networking activities.